(Picture: MOD).

2 Royal Anglian On Historic Exercise In Egyptian Desert

Exercise Ahmose 1 is involving more than 150 British military personnel.

(Picture: MOD).

C Company, 2 Royal Anglian on Exercise Ahmose 1 in Egypt  (Picture: MOD).

Soldiers from 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment are on exercise alongside Egypt's 112 Infantry Brigade.

The 'Poachers', as they are known, are taking part in Exercise Ahmose 1 which involves more than 150 British military personnel.

The exercise is taking place south-west of Alexandria. It began earlier this month and is putting soldiers through their paces in a variety of scenarios including urban operations, close quarter battle and live firing.

C Company, 2 Royal Anglian, on Exercise AHMOSE 1 (Picture:MOD).
For one month, 2 Royal Anglian will partake in a rigorous military exercise south-west of Alexandria (Picture: MOD).

The exercise will culminate in a company live fire attack, involving over 100 infantry soldiers supported by mortars, machine guns and snipers. 

Ahmose 1 is a month-long exercise and is the first of its kind. It comes after the UK and Egypt signed a memorandum of understanding last year.

The agreement pledged the two nations to conduct joint military exercises as part of efforts to strengthen their counter-terrorism cooperation.

The British Ambassador to Egypt, Sir Geoffrey Adams, said the exercise "marks the beginning of increased defence cooperation" which aims to develop a "safer, more secure region".

Forces News joined C Company, 2 Royal Anglian, in Cyprus as they prepared for Exercise Ahmose 1.

The training took place at the individual Battle Skills range at Pyla, just down the road from their base at Dhekelia.

Troops from 4 Rifles, the British Army’s designated Specialised Infantry Battalion for the Middle East and North Africa, are also involved in the exercise.