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'1917': WWI Epic Wins Big At Golden Globes

Sir Sam Mendes' film, which tells the story of a daring mission that saved hundreds of lives, picked up two awards at the Los Angeles event.

Mmain character 1917 film 261119 CREDIT EONE.jpg

World War One film, '1917', has been honoured by the film industry.

The motion picture, which follows the plight of two soldiers as they carry a message across enemy lines, took both the Director's gong and Best Motion Picture Award at the Golden Globes.

Sir Sam Mendes dedicated the film to his grandfather, Alfred Mendes, as well as soldiers who served in the Great War. 

'1917' follows two soldiers sent on a dangerous journey through enemy territory to deliver a vital message to save 1,600 soldiers.

The two lead actors George Mackay and Dean-Charles Chapman underwent five months of military training before shooting for the film began including training in full First World War uniforms and hobnail boots.

The director wanted the film to show what these men went through, the sacrifices and the sense of believing in something greater than themselves.

One of the most eyecatching elements of the film is its use of a one long take style, giving the impression of following the soldiers in real-time.

The director spoke about the challenges this meant for filming: "It was all part of the same two hours of real time, one continuous shot.

"You can't get out of it, you have to take every step with these men, whether you like it or not.

"But I was also very conscious that it shouldn't be repetitive or monotonous or just a headlong race.

Speaking on the challenges of the shooting choice Mr Mendes added: "Because you're in one shot, you also have to build into it moments of pause and quiet... so it feels like it's constantly shifting and moving rather than it just being this incessant headlong dash."

1917 is released in UK cinemas on 10 January. 

Cover image: EOne.