Over the past 100 years, a women's role in the army has evolved drastically. From nurses in 1917 to 2017, where women are able to have a career in just about any role.

To celebrate the development made by the courageous female troops, a series of special photos were commissioned celebrating the centenary event.

Around 300 women gathered to be part of an aerial photo-shoot that involved them spelling out W100 and a drone capturing the image.

W100 Sandhurst

Lt Col Debs Taylor and WO2 Lesley Bell were the brains behind the project and brought the women together.

WO2 Bell said:

 "We've progressed so much, even over the past quarter of a century.

"So I thought it would be nice for people to see all the cap badges that are represented, some of the trades and some of the more unusual trades that we've got."

The series of commemorative photos, taken at Sandhurst, also illustrates the progress women have made in the army through their uniforms, and the diversity of the roles they now occupy.

W100 women in the army, Sandhurst
The second photo show the different roles women can occupy

The aim was to show every rank and cap badge, and for the photos to help boost female engagement and recruitment.

Sights are firmly set on the future for women in the army and the progress they will continue to make. In 2016, 80% of roles within the army were open to women, while women made up 10% of the overall workforce.

Since then close combat roles are being opened up to female troops, making the Armed forces a beacon for equality.

Handing women the challenges that come with various roles in the army has not only enticed new recruits but continues to keep soldiers serving.

Colnonel Clare Phillips, REME CORPS has been serving for 22 years, she said:

"I am really proud of what we've done on operations, I was lucky enough to command my company in Afghanistan, and the mental challnge of doing that and being responsible for 120 people was hard but to come out the other end of that, I feel really proud of what I have achieved there."

sandhurst women 100
Snapping a quick selfie between shots

For those just starting their careers in the army, it's an exciting time. Events like these show the diverse range of positions they can aspire to and the mix with women that have gone before them. 

But being a woman in the army is no easy feat,  Ellese McCormack, JS, said that's no deterrent to her. 

"Being a lass in the army, we do get a lot of chew for it, but we got to keep up with the lads too, we don't get it easier than the lads.

We still carry the same weight and do the exact same things that they do. Every woman in the army should be really proud for what they go through because not every woman could do it." 

One thing is for certain, all those involved today are extremely proud of the career that they have chosen.

W100 women in the army, Sandhurst
300 women took part in the photo series
photo op Sandhurst women in the Army
A chance to celebrate womens' roles in the Army