100 Poppies Knitted To Mark 100 Years Since Armistice

The ladies of Knit and Natter in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire have made the display for their local church.

A community group in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire have knitted 100 poppies to commemorate the centenary of Armistice Day.

The ‘Knit and Natter’ group meet weekly to knit clothes, hats and blankets for charity. But with Remembrance Day fast approaching they decided to turn their attention to the flower made famous by John McCrae’s poem ‘In Flanders Fields’.

Each poppy takes on average 35 minutes to knit.

“Four years ago, when it was the commemoration of the beginning of the war, we did the community arts project which involved making four large poppies,” Betty Sprenger told Forces News.

“[They’ve] been put in the church for Remembrance Sunday ever since. So we decided we would make a hundred with as many people as possible making poppies to go on it.”

Each knitted poppy takes on average 35 minutes and once finished is carefully stuck onto cut-outs of the number 100.

Most of the poppies have been made by the ladies of Knit and Natter; however residents of a local retirement home have also pitched in, as have small children.

“From babies upwards almost,” said Betty of her fellow creators. “Some of the poppies on there are literally a piece of tissue paper that’s been scrumpled and put on.”

Knitted Poppies on their way to St Peter's 071118 CREDIT BFBS
The poppies on their way to St. Peter's.

“It’s good that we don’t forget,” said knitter Cathy Passingham when asked why she got involved.

“My husband was in the forces and involved in the Falklands War, as was another member of our group. So we need to continue and think about that.”

The completed poppy adorned numbers have now been taken to St. Peter’s, the Saxon church in the heart of the town, where they’ll take pride of place in the town Remembrance Day service.