10-Year-Old's Camp Out Raises £86,000 For Local Hospice

Max Woosey, the son of a Royal Marine, has spent more than 200 nights camping out in his garden for charity.

A 10-year-old boy has raised £86,000 for charity by sleeping in a tent in memory of two neighbours.

Max Woosey, the son of a Royal Marine, has spent more than 200 nights camping out in his Devon garden.

He decided to start camping in March after he was concerned the coronavirus pandemic could lead to cuts in funding for a local hospice which cared for his neighbours Rick and Sue before they died of cancer.

Max hoped to raise £100 and was inspired to do the fundraiser by Rick who left him a tent shortly before he died.

"He gave me a tent about a week or a month before he died and he said 'I want you to have an adventure' and I said 'I promise you, I will'," Max said.

Max Woosey has camped in his garden for more than 200 nights and is planning to continue doing so through the winter (Picture: Rachael Woosey).

"I kind of wanted to do something and I heard the North Devon Hospice who helped Rick, their fundraising had stopped for some reason and coronavirus affected their fundraising, so I thought I could help the North Devon Hospice by doing that."

Max’s dad, Major Mark Woosey from the Royal Marines, said he is incredibly proud of his adventurous son.

"The fact that he wanted to camp out I was more than happy with, we had debates about, ‘oh, winter’s coming up what do we do now?’ I was in the ‘you know what, if he gets too cold he’ll come in’," he said.

"As long as he’s enjoying it and he thinks he’s doing some good then great, have a go."

He added: "We have a well-worn routine now, so bedtime, he picks his stuff up gives us a hug, goes outside and he lies down with his Beano and then we pop outside after 10 minutes, give him another hug goodnight and zip him up for the night."

Having received from donations from all around the world, Max hopes to continue his fundraising efforts for a full year.