1 YORKS Returns Home To Yorkshire

It means for the first time, all three of The Yorkshire Regiment's battalions are in Yorkshire.

1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment has returned home to Yorkshire, becoming the only armoured infantry unit in the north of England.

1 YORKS has swapped places with the Royal Dragoon Guards at Catterick Garrison who are heading to Warminster, Wiltshire.

The arrival of 1 YORKS means for the first time in history, all three of The Yorkshire Regiment's battalions are in their home county - however, it is only for a fortnight as 2 YORKS prepares to move to Cyprus.

1 YORKS' move up north was made even more difficult in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Major Chris Carter, 2nd in Command, 1 YORKS, told Forces News: "It's been a mammoth task to get back up here... a significant logistical challenge.

"We’ve had about 50 ISOs of kit and equipment to have to move north, at the same time as moving the battalion up here."

1 YORKS arrive at Catterick complete with their Bulldogs and Warrior armoured vehicles. It has meant additional work reintroducing the Warriors to the training area. 

Lance Corporal Leslie Ward, 1 YORKS, said: "There are things on the Catterick black area that we didn’t have down in Salisbury Plain because obviously it had been so heavily used.

1 YORKS soldiers raised the battalion's flag at Catterick Garrison to mark their arrival.

"This is pretty brand new. The drivers have the potential for trench crossings which we just didn’t have down south."

After moving, the Royal Dragoon Guards will begin training on the latest addition to the British Army's fleet. 

Major Charles Mackain-Bremner, 2nd in Command, Royal Dragoon Guards, said: "We’re going to be the second regiment in the Army to take on the new Ajax fighting vehicle.

"We need significant technical accommodation but also classrooms and facilities to train the regiment on what is a real departure for the Army in terms of new equipment.

"We’ll be leaving some of our heart in the north as we go down to pursue opportunities in the south."

1 YORKS, too, have plenty of training on the horizon, but as Major Carter explained – everything could change. 

"The majority of the battalion, so three companies and a battalion headquarters, are on standby to assist the nation with the COVID crisis," he said.

"We are at five days' notice to move.

"If that balloon goes up we will be out on the streets and we will be there to help," he added.