BFBS: This Is Why We Have A Brand New Look

BFBS has a new brand identity - and we’re really excited about our fresh new look

BFBS, the charity and organisation behind, has introduced a new simplified brand hierarchy where all its services to entertain, inform, connect and champion the armed services, their families and veterans are now known as BFBS – and its platforms with award-winning content about the armed forces for everyone from the serving military to the curious civilian are branded Forces.

BFBS blue logo 2

To mark this change, there are also fresh new identities for both brands, reflecting the commitment to delivering the kinds of media and broadcast services our audiences and customers will want in the coming years.  

This means goodbye to SSVC, the previous name for the charity, and to CSE (now BFBS Live Events), Forces Cinemas (now BFBS Cinemas) and Forces Network (no longer an umbrella brand).

duotone13 bfbs new bfbs

Simon Bucks, CEO, said: “Over the years, a growing number of ‘brands’ had sprung up and we wanted to simplify and clarify things for our audiences, customers, stakeholders and staff – who all said BFBS is the name they know, respect and, in many cases, have an emotional attachment to based on their experiences of BFBS services and people when serving overseas and during operational deployments.

bfbs colours

Simon added: “Similarly, for the general public with an interest in military news and stories, Forces was their favoured option.

“We’re really excited about our fresh new look as it’s just the start of our future plans for our audiences, with our core values of quality, trust and going the extra mile unchanged.”

bfbs logos

As part of the new simpler brand hierarchy and identity, you can now visit if you’re a member of the armed forces and want to find out how to access our services, if you’re interested in our wider work as a charity and media organisation – and you will continue to find all the best military-themed stories and news at the website.