Watch: Norwegian F-35s complete Nato deployment in Iceland

Watch: Norwegian F-35 jets complete Nato Air Policing mission in Iceland.

Norwegian F-35 fighter jets have completed a Nato deployment in Iceland.

The jets were part of the Air Policing mission provided for Iceland by the alliance – with Nato countries periodically leading the mission for three to four weeks at a time.

The Norwegian F-35 Lightning II jets were on standby, ready to be scrambled if any identified aircraft came close to Icelandic airspace.

The mission is undertaken by Nato as Iceland does not have a military of its own.

Nato Air Policing, which aims to preserve the security of Alliance airspace, is a collective task and involves the continuous presence – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – of fighter aircraft and crews, which are ready to react quickly to possible airspace violations.

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