Nato colonel given Army-style send-off from role with Warrior armoured vehicle

Colonel Tim Hill has completed three-and-a-half years as commander of the Nato base in Sennelager.

A Nato colonel has been waved off by serving personnel while riding in a Warrior armoured personnel carrier as he departed the Nato Forward Holding Base in Sennelager for the last time.

Whilst in the vehicle, Colonel Tim Hill said goodbye to his colleagues and the training staff he had served with.

Driving out in a Warrior is an unusual but traditional manner of departure for the commanders of the base when they have completed their duties.

The colonel is leaving the role after three-and-a-half years as commander of the base, which he first started back in 2019.

As he was driven through the base, those who had served under him stood alongside the road applauding as he passed by.

As he passed, a group of soldiers would follow behind the vehicle which was carrying their former commander off base.

The German forward operating base is an important location for the British Army and was the hosting ground for Ex Cerberus 22 which was the largest field exercise of 2022.

Three thousand five hundred troops and 800 vehicles were involved in the largest British Army exercise on the continent in a decade.