The eyes of the world are upon you, Labour leader tells NATO troops

 Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer has told NATO troops "the eyes of the world are upon you" during a visit to Tapa military base in Estonia.

Surrounded by tanks, including one draped with a Union flag, Sir Keir thanked soldiers for providing "reassurance" through their presence at the base in the Eastern European country, which shares a 183-mile border with Russia.

He added that "there is no time for party politics" because the world faces "a very grave situation" amid Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

The opposition leader told Forces News the UK will continue to stand up to the "bully" Putin, and stressed the importance of NATO members to act as a united front.

Speaking of his appreciation for what the troops are doing, he told us: "Some of the troops here in Estonia have just finished a six-month mission and they're now being extended for another three months so I was very mindful of the impact that would inevitably have on their families".

Beforehand, Sir Keir was presented with a ceremonial plate by Estonia's defence minister Kalle Laanet at the ministry of defence building in the capital, Tallinn.

The pair spoke in private for around half an hour before the Labour leader headed off to the Tapa military base.

Sir Keir was also joined by Shadow defence secretary John Healey on his visit to the eastern European nation.

Thumbnail image: Alexei Nikolsky, Kremlin pool, Alamy Live News, Alamy Stock Photo.