Exercise Cerberus 22: British Army's largest European exercise in a decade

British soldiers are taking part in the force's largest field exercise in 2022 – also the biggest in Europe for a decade.

Exercise Cerberus sees nearly 3,500 troops deployed to Germany, aimed at confirming the five British Army brigade headquarters that sit within the division are ready for operations.

It is a large command post exercise designed to assess the ability of the brigade headquarters in 3rd UK Division – the United Kingdom's fighting division – and ensure readiness.

Exercise Cerberus, previously held in the UK on Salisbury Plain Training Area, sees 3,300 troops deployed to the NATO Forward Holding Base in Sennelager, Germany, the new central European location.

It is testing the ability to move personnel and equipment on a large scale and to operate in an expeditionary setting rather than being close to home.

There are 800 vehicles involved as well as six brigade headquarters being assessed.

Six NATO members work together on the mission, with each of the headquarters being assessed on their readiness for operations, and testing their ability to plan and execute objectives in a warfighting scenario set in eastern Europe.

The aim of the exercise is to ensure the soldiers are ready for the challenge of deploying a fighting force on a huge scale.

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