Rare glimpse of US Navy Seals on joint exercise with Croatian special forces

Croatian special forces have teamed up with the US Navy Seals to hone their water operating skills. 

They have been brushing up on their maritime skills during a joint exercise in the Adriatic Sea.

The training shows the continued co-operation and joint working that is crucial for NATO Special Operations Forces.

NATO Special Operations Forces need to be able to tackle complex tasks in incredibly difficult environments – ranging from scaling the side of a ship while under fire to diving to the depths of the sea.

These bilateral training engagements are also a good opportunity to swap notes on the latest tactics and gear.

The Croatian Special Forces (Zapovjedništvo specialjalnih snaga (ZSS)) are a relatively young special operations unit.

Their ability to train alongside the Navy Seals is evidence of how much they have developed since their inception in 2000 as the Special Operations Battalion.

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