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This Military Insurance Comparison Service Can Help You Search The Best Deals Online

How serving and ex-military personnel can compare military insurance plans

Military insurance aims to give members of the Armed Forces peace of mind over their kit, home and contents and other factors unique to service life – but how can you compare the market of policies available to British personnel?

A new online service has launched to offer a version of price comparison websites for people in the military community - to help them find tailor-made deals that better suit their service needs.

The Forces Compare website has had more than 30,000 visits to the site since its launch this month as people look to save money on their current insurance policies or find bespoke services suitable for the range of needs of the Armed Forces.

Professional members of the Armed Forces, for instance, are expected to undertake the care and responsibility for a range of high-value, specialist equipment – everything from night vision goggles to personal weapon systems, while insuring against personal accident brings with it a unique set of factors that would not apply in civilian life.

Protecting yourself financially in a worse-case scenario requires specialist policies of which there is an array on offer.

Forces Compare, for the best insurance deals serving and ex-military personnel

Forces Compare is an independent search engine that specialises in comparing the best possible insurance for the requirements of the Armed Forces out of a select group of reputable military insurance specialists.

The company, which is based in Bristol, was founded and is run by former members of HM Armed Forces.

The Forces Compare website allows users to compare hundreds of insurance policies within minutes.

In addition to browsing a comprehensive range of competitively-priced providers and deals for motor, home and travel insurance, users can also search for kit and contents deals.

The brand boasts strong military links and has been able to negotiate special offerings for serving soldiers through such alliances.

The website is also a helpful tool for civilians and the team at Forces Compare is also encouraging spouses and relatives of those currently or formerly serving to take full advantage of the new platform.

Complacency often holds people back from switching their insurance policies – sometimes sticking with their current provider and existing policies rather than face time-consuming administration of searching out new policies and changing.

However, Forces Compare believes this can allow some firms to take advantage when it comes to renewing a policy, offering a lacklustre discount or policies that are not the best fit for a policy holders overall needs.

On many occasions, customers settle for poor deals due to the chore of searching individual sites online to explore other options.

Forces Compare offers a search of a great array of policies, providers and specialist businesses all in one place - with very little customer administration, with a quick and easy-to-use online service.

More information can be found at Forces Compare.