There But Not There Westminster Abbey Art Installation First World War WW1

The WWI Soldier Silhouettes Which Marked 100 Years Since The Armistice

Six military charities are benefitting from the money raised, while the campaign has been launched in 24,000 schools.

There But Not There Westminster Abbey Art Installation First World War WW1

(Picture: There But Not There).

Over the past year, tributes and images of the First World War have appeared very quietly and without ceremony across the world, from the White Cliffs of Dover to the White House.

The silhouettes stand six foot tall in the world’s most iconic locations but also in your nearest village.

'There But Not There', the campaign behind the First World War centenary structures, designed to remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice, has won the 'Support To The Armed Forces' award at the Millies 2018.


'There But Not There' patron General The Lord Dannatt explains the three aims of the campaign:

"To commemorate those who fell in the First World War. To educate current generations about the awfulness of war so we don't go there again.

"And thirdly to raise funds to help the healing process of those who have been injured. Particularly without mental health injuries in recent conflicts"

There But Not There Tommies Palmers Green Mosque Art Installation First World War WW1
(Picture: There But Not There).

Rowley Gregg is the Director Of Operations for There But Not There and a former British Army Officer.

While serving on active duty in Afghanistan he was awarded the Military Cross for bravery and leadership during Operation Panthers Claw.

The citation for the Military Cross said that Rowley's "courage, forthright leadership and determination to complete the mission in the face of heavy casualties" were pivotal to the success of the operation.

Rowley has bought a 10-inch perspex Tommy made by volunteers and veterans from Royal British Legion Industries. He said:

"I went and bought one to remember the three soldiers that I lost when I served in Afghanistan."

There But Not There was formed in their name and in the name of all of those still recovering from the aftermath of war.

Campaign ambassador Michael Swain lost his legs when he was hit by a Taliban bomb in Afghanistan. He now wants to help others like him. He said:

"We're trying to educate everyone about it and also help people from all different conflicts."

Alyth Synagogue There But Not There Statues Tommies Remembrance
(Picture: There But Not There).

Military charities The Royal Foundation’s Armed Forces Programmes, The Commonwealth War Graves Foundation, Walking With The Wounded, Combat Stress, Help for Heroes and Project Equinox: Housing Veterans and Medical Students are benefitting from the money raised.

The campaign has been launched in 24,000 schools to help the younger generation remember the past.

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