Military Wives Choir MPC Official BFBS Cinemas Screening 2020

Military Wives Choirs And BFBS Cinemas Treat Films Fans To An Exclusive Screening

Military Wives Choirs performed in BFBS Cinemas around the forces world before free pre-release screenings of 'Military Wives'

Military Wives Choir MPC Official BFBS Cinemas Screening 2020

Military Wives Choirs around the world joined forces with BFBS Cinemas to host a series of special performances at exclusive free screenings for serving military and their families of comedy-drama film, ‘Military Wives’ before its worldwide release.

The film is based on the real lives of women who came together as their partners served in Afghanistan to form the very first military wives choir in 2010. 

Representatives of eight choirs participated at the screenings, which took place at cinemas in DMRC Stanford Hall, Gibraltar Barracks in Minley, JITG in Chicksands, Joint Flying Station Aldergrove in Northern Ireland, Astra Cinema, Key Cinema and Mercury Cinema all in Cyprus and Mount Pleasant and Stanley in The Falkland Islands - as well as BFBS Cinema’s Mobile Cinema while visiting Waterloo Lines, Leuchars in Scotland. 

Military Wives Choir Minley Gibraltar Barracks BFBS Cinemas Screening 2020
Minley, Gibraltar Barracks

More than 200 people attended the screening at RAF Akrotiri, armed with drinks and tissues at the ready.  As a special treat, the Military Wives Choirs from Akrotiri and Episkopi Garrison joined forces to perform before the film started. Both choirs can be seen during the films end credits. 

Military Wives Choir perform in RAF Akrotiri

The night was also a massive success at Wessex Cinema Aldergrove, Northern Ireland, which found itself almost at capacity. Three men who had made their way to the cinema were massively outnumbered by ladies who took full advantage of the idea of bringing their own wine and cheese. 

Add a little pink gin to the mix and spirits where high in the room as the Northern Ireland Military wives choir treated the cinema to a performance of three songs including Cyndi Lauper's hit "Time After Time", which featured in the movie. 

Military Wives Choir perform in Northern Ireland

Jennifer Holdford, Cinema Operations Manager for BFBS Cinemas, said: 

“This collaboration is the perfect opportunity to bring our military communities together through the love of film. 

“Military Wives helps remind us that others may be going through similar or more difficult times and that we can all support each other. 

“Whether that be through joining a local Military Wives Choir, by getting together for a cup of tea or by sharing a large tub of popcorn while watching a great movie.” 

Military Wives Choir perform in Leuchars thanks to the Movie Machine

Melanie Nightingale, Director, Choirs Support Team, Military Wives Choirs, said: 

"We are so excited by the release of this unique film and the opportunity to work in partnership with BFBS Cinemas to ensure screenings are enjoyed across the military community. 

“It is a great example of how our unique communities come together and underpins our mission to sing, share and support." 

Watch to watch a film at a BFBS Cinema? Check your local listings here.

Cover Photo: Falkland Islands

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