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Is This The World's Most Beautiful Military Recruitment Ad?

Norway Recruitment Ad

The Norwegian Armed Forces boast recruitment ads featuring the country’s beautiful Scandinavian landscapes combined with a heart-string-tugging score that might make even Norway’s staunchest pacifist want to enlist.

The country's military website proudly states that its roots can be traced back to the Vikings.

Having swapped horned helmets for the most advanced equipment in the world, one thing remains unchanged for this Nordic nation - ‘the will to defend ourselves against our enemies’.

Their beautiful Army recruitment ad may just make anyone want to defend Norway’s lands.

We have taken a look at some of the world's military recruitment campaigns - see how Norway's stacks up against other countries including the UK below.


The Nordic country also released an English language version to explain Norway’s military intentions to the rest of the world.

Against the backdrop of F-35s zooming across fjords, a deep manly Norwegian voice says:

"What is the reason Norway is getting new fighter jets? 52 of them. And new advanced submarines and surveillance aircraft? 

"What do we as a nation wish to achieve by all this?

The answer is ... *dramatic long pause* ...


Just as the narrator says the word ‘nothing’, the camera slowly swoops down on a young couple admiring the stunning Norwegian scenery.

The image is an epitome of peace and stability.

This reflects the way Norway as a country perceives its military on the world stage – it is powerful and fully capable but will do nothing unless it’s provoked.

Norwegian Armed Forces are called Forsvaret which if translated literally means defence.



Norway is not the only country with a kickass recruitment ad.

Here are some honourable mentions:


As a country that has strongly enforced mandatory conscription since 1957, they really didn’t need to try so hard with their recruitment ad.

But they did anyway, and the result is a video that would make all able-bodied males aged 18 to 28, who by law have to serve two years in the Armed Forces, look forward to it with pride ...



China’s recruitment video is … a little different. It’s basically a rap music video.

Quick-paced, action-packed and set to a catchy tune, this video might make you want to sing along straight to the recruitment office, or maybe sign up as a DJ. 



At 748 billion USD, the United States Defence budget is the biggest in the world.

This is reflected in the high-quality production of their recruitment video which is worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster movie trailer.

It looks like a video game where potential recruits are free to choose their own character to play.

At the end of the precisely timed one minute clip, the question is asked:

"What is your warrior?"

According to the video, the choice ranges from world-saving scientist to the kind of warrior that shoots lasers into the sky.

Of course, the more traditional soldiering roles are also on show, like the kind that require jumping out of planes or laying low in a field with a precision-guided firearm. 



This Swedish recruitment video is the definition of 'keeping it real'.

A direct dig at how most other countries recruit their troops, with the promise of a career where you'll be the hero of your own action film.

In true Scandinavian style, the Swedes keep it simple - it may not look glamorous but the offer is a solid education that leads to a job where you can make a real difference.

The video is hilarious. Whatever it lacks in budget, it more than makes up for it in humour. 



This Dutch recruitment video can truly compete with Sweden for the funniest recruitment ad. 

A buffoon of a man plays with a banana gun during breakfast with his family. 

The box that says 'ongeschikt' is ticked which means 'not suitable'. The Netherlands military is no place for bozos. 



This Russian recruitment ad is exactly the kind that the Swedish ad was making fun of.

It takes itself very seriously. Starring a bodybuilder model with perfect cheekbones, the ad promises new recruits the chance of a new life.

A classic movie trailer deep male voice narrates:

"This is the first day of your new life. What happened yesterday is insignificant. Who you were before doesn't matter."

The main premise is that the military will allow you to find out what you are capable of ... 'to come back a winner'. 

It does not seem to be working though. Russia has mandatory conscription, however, is struggling to recruit and retain permanent military staff. 



The latest British Army recruitment ad has a simple message but it's perhaps the most effective in inspiring us about what we could achieve by joining the UK Armed Forces: 


The ad promises to help you build a confidence that lasts a lifetime. Convinced?


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