UK train: veterans railcard. Shutterstock image.

UK Veterans Railcards – All The Updated Gen

UK train: veterans railcard. Shutterstock image.

A Veterans Railcard that gives former members of the UK Armed Forces discounted rail travel has been launched and will soon be available for use – but what will the card offer and who is eligible?

What Is The New Veterans Railcard?

The card will work in a similar way to other railcards, including two new cards which were launched last year – one for rail travellers aged 26-30, and another for teenagers aged 16-17 that offered half-price fare reduction.

Who Is Eligible For The New Veterans Railcard?

The new railcard will be available to around an extra 830,000 veterans and will give them a third off most rail travel. It extends discounts to veterans not yet covered by existing discounts.

Any veteran, no matter their age, will be able to buy the card unlike other railcards that normally apply to particular age groups.

It is estimated that between 1.6 and 1.7 million veterans already qualify for either the Senior (over-60s) or Disabled Person’s Railcard.

When Will The New Veterans Card Be Available?

The Veterans Railcard will be available for use on journeys from 5 November 2020.

How Much Will The Veterans Railcard Cost?

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced that a one-year card will cost £21 for an initial introductory period, but the price will then increase to £30 after 31 March 2021.

A three-year railcard will also be available for a price of £61, until the end of March.

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Crowds waiting at Kings Cross Station. Picture: Press Association

What Discounts Will The Veterans Railcard Offer?

It will offer the railcard holder and their companion a third off most rail journeys and 60% off for up to four children aged between five and 15 years old.

A choice between a physical card and a digital version is available.

At the moment, there are only plans for discounted rail travel across England but the Government hopes to roll out a similar discount across Scotland and Wales.

Similarly, it is yet to be confirmed if discounted travel will be extended to some city transport networks such as London.

Other limited discount schemes already exist in some parts of the country such as the Manchester Metrolink, which gives free travel on Armistice Day, Remembrance Sunday and Armed Forces Day, to former members of the Armed Forces who carry a veterans badge, and free travel to serving Members of the Armed Forces who carry an MOD Card 90.

Final details for London travel discounts with the new veterans railcard are still being negotiated with Transport for London.

The veterans railcard is not the same as the Veterans Concessionary Travel Scheme (VCTS) Pass which offers discounted or free travel on some services in and around London to anyone in receipt of an ongoing payment under the War Pensions Scheme or the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, including war widows/widowers and eligible dependents.

The VCTS pass offers concessionary fares in London Fare Zones 1–6, plus outlying stations including Rickmansworth to Amersham, inclusive, and stations Carpenders Park to Watford Junction, inclusive, on participating Train Company services, London Underground, DLR, London Trams and most bus services in the Greater London area.

A HM Forces Railcard is already available which can be bought by serving personnel for £21 per year.

Captain Tom
Captain Sir Tom Moore has been presented with the first-ever veterans railcard (Picture: Department of Transport).

Could Family Members Also Use The Veterans Railcard?

The new railcard includes similar standard terms and conditions as existing railcards, but the veterans railcard also offers discounts to a spouse, providing they are travelling with the card holder, and 60% off for up to four children aged between five and 15 years old.

Why Was The Veterans Railcard Created?

The new card offering discounted rail fare is the first step in the Government’s plans to do more to support those who have served their country and comes after the Government created a new Office of Veterans’ Affairs (OVA).

The Government pledged to provide lifelong support for veterans.

It is hoped the new railcard will help boost veterans’ job prospects and strengthen family bonds through cheaper travel.

The discount forms part of the Government’s new veterans strategy to support all former servicemen and women.

The strategy sets out support available for those who have served their country in areas including employment and job skills, health and wellbeing, housing and finance.