Service Leavers To Benefit From Civilian Engineer Scheme

Former service men and women, veterans and reservists could benefit from a new initiative by a leading engineering trade-body.

Soldiers, sailors and airmen and women transfer skills and attributes gained in their service life into theircivilian life, thanks to a new training scheme with a leading engineering association.                                                                   

LEEA, the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association are launching their ‘75-75’ military engagement scheme as they celebrate their 75th anniversary.

Baz Trewghella’s Training Manager, and ex-Royal Navy spoke to Tim Humphries for Forces Radio BFBS.

Now out of uniform after, a 33-year career, he’s keen to stress the advantages service leavers and veterans bring to business.

As LEEA marks 75 years in industry, they’re looking to service leavers, veterans and reservists for the future with the newly launched scheme ’75-75’ scheme.

Baz Trewghella’s Training Manager outlines what’s on offer. “The course we’re providing is a foundation course.

"[The course] is going to be provided to the service leaver free of charge.

"The sole intent of that is to find 75 job placements for those people who’ve taken up that training.”

Since 1944 the lifting equipment association’s played a key role in a specialised field, providing its members training and standards setting through to health and safety, the provision of technical and legal advice, and the development of examination and licensing systems.

As the representative body mark their 75 years in industry they’re looking to the future as they offer military leavers, veterans and reservists the chance to train and receive work placements.

Teaming up with the Careers Transition Partnership, who will find 75 recruits from the military, LEEA will provide free training – either on current courses or on standalone courses for military personnel.

LEEA members will also be offering 75 work placements - across the entire UK – from Edinburgh to Exeter.

The placements are not guaranteed jobs but will offer invaluable experience of two days working alongside experienced staff.  

“Ex-military people have an absolute plethora of skills, life experience – second to none…” 

“For our organisation to employ people like this, they come with lots and lots of knowledge.” 

As LEEA celebrate their 75th anniversary, you can find out more and apply to the ’75-75’ scheme at the LEEA website, with entries open till November 2019.