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New digital service allows military compensation claims to be made online

British Soldier mobile telephone 16112022 CREDIT MOD

Veterans and serving personnel can now claim for compensation online after a Ministry of Defence organisation launched a digital service to speed up claims without having to fill in paper forms.

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme is administered through Veterans UK, which is part of Defence Business Services (DBS) - a department within the MOD that is responsible for launching the new online service.

It is hoped that the new online application process will accelerate new claims and reduce delays, as caseworkers will now be able to receive all evidence digitally.

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Paper claims submitted will still be accepted (Picture: MOD).

Tom Stewart, AH Veterans Modernisation at DBS says that his department is constantly looking to find new ways of improving the way they deliver existing services, to better meet the needs of service personnel and veterans.

He added: "This vital work elevates the business to a new level of effectiveness, heralding a new culture which is now fundamentally and profoundly changing our people and our processes.

"The services that the team have developed are agile, enhance the reputation of DBS but most importantly, they are demonstrably improving customer service."

The new online form is said to be more intuitive, as only questions relevant to the individual will be required, as they will be based on previous questions answered during the online application.

For those wishing to submit paper claims, that option will still be made available.

All Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) claims are administered through Veterans UK.

In August, Minister for Veterans' Affairs Johnny Mercer promised to "totally reform" the AFCS, after issues were raised over the length of time it took to make a claim and the treatment of some of those making claims.

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Compensation claims can now be made using a mobile phone (Picture: Alamy).

The scheme is seen as a no-fault process, whereby injured service personnel can make claims for compensation from the Ministry of Defence for any injuries or illnesses caused or made worse during their military service.

Claims for injury must usually be made within seven years of the accident or incident occurring. However, successful claims have still been made after this time period.

Within the 12 months prior to the 31 March 2022, there were a total of 5,842 AFCS claims made. Of those, 55 per cent of claims were for musculoskeletal disorders, including broken bones and fractures. Of these claims, 47 per cent of claimants were awarded a pay-out, 12 per cent were ‘accepted’ but no award was made and 41 per cent of the total claims made were rejected.