Meet The Man Running Dangerously For War-Torn Children

“After leaving the Army I wanted to go to some of the places I’d served and worked in and I wanted to give something back..."

Veteran turned pirate hunter turned author Jordan Wylie is branching out yet again and adding another string to his already impressive bow, by becoming a documentary maker.

His time serving with the Kings Royal Hussars in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and as a civilian fighting pirates in Somalia took Jordan around the world where he witnessed first hand how children are devastatingly affected by war and conflict.

He decided that he wanted to take on an epic challenge to raise awareness and money for charities that help children who cannot easily access education because of war and conflict.

“There’s something about war and conflict and children that really strikes a chord and pulls on the old heartstrings because for me because children are always the innocent victims of war and conflict.

“After leaving the Army I wanted to go to some of the places I’d served and worked in and I wanted to give something back and try and inspire some hope to the children that we’d come across."

Jordan decided to embark on ‘Running Dangerously’, a project that would see him travel to three of the most dangerous countries in the world that he had served in as a soldier or in the private sector.

This experience has been transformed into a documentary which will air on Forces TV on Thursday, February 7. Jordan said:

“So I headed off to Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia to do a 10k, a half marathon and a full marathon.”

Running Dangerously trailer below...

Speaking with Forces Radio BFBS broadcaster Hal Stewart Jordan admits that he considers Running Dangerously to be one of the highlights of his life. He said:

“… to go out there to work and visiting the orphanages and then to run through these countries that are perceived to be completely hostile territories.

“I found some of the most amazing stories of humanity.

“I visited some of the most beautiful landscapes and I saw actually a part of those countries that I’d never seen before and perhaps a part that we don’t often see in the media or on the news.”

Jordan has so far raised £35,993 to help provide an education for war-torn children. Jordan plans to donate the money to War Child (Afghanistan), Unicef (Iraq) & the Darlington Foundation (Somalia).

You donate via Jordan's JustGiving page.

Jordan Wylie Running Dangerously Credit:

At the time of filming the documentary had to be kept very low profile because of how dangerous it was. However, Jordan said:

“... we always have negative perceptions of some of these countries that have been torn apart by war but actually the stories of humanity and the people you meet there are as strong as anywhere in the world."

Meanwhile, Jordan is currently filming for Channel 4's Hunted, a series which sees 10 ordinary people trying to evade the clutches of an elite team of former military and intelligence operatives to have a chance of winning a share of £100,000.

But how did Jordan go from being soldier to chasing fake fugitives for a Channel 4 programme?

He said the opportunity was from a role he did in the military 15 years ago. One of the many roles Jordan had was working as an intelligence analyst with the Staffordshire Regiment. He said:

“I ended up doing a qualification called the Prisoner Handlers and Tactical Questioners Interrogators Course ... essentially it meant that we extracted information as the intelligence cell from the bad guys so to speak.

“We would interrogate, all legally and lawfully I must add, those that have committed offences against British troops or civilians in places like Iraq.

“Our job was to build an intelligence picture and it was those skills that the Channel 4 production team wanted for the new series of Hunted.

“I randomly got a phone call out of the blue and the next thing I’m chasing fugitives around the UK which was pretty cool.”

Watch 'Running Dangerously' at midday on February 7 and if you miss that catch the repeat at 5pm UKT.

You'll then get another chance to watch it on February 8 at 7:30am and at 2:30pm.