Former PARA Tells Us What To Do If Confronted By Crocs And Hippos

"I loved being in the Parachute Regiment, for me it was a childhood dream"

Levison Wood has walked the Nile, trekked through Afghanistan and across the Himalayas and experienced some of the planet's most uninhabitable regions as he traversed across central America.

The former soldier turned writer, photographer and TV explorer has been speaking to Forces Radio BFBS Salisbury Plain's Chris Sturgess. In the clip below he reveals how many times he has been arrested plus how to avoid being eaten by crocodiles and hippos.

"Hippos? Climb a tree, you're not going to outrun one, they're pretty quick."

Of his books "Walking The Americas" and "Eastern Horizons", which was shortlisted for the 2018 Edward Stanford Award, prolific travel writer and comedian Michael Palin said:

"Levison Wood has breathed new life into adventure travel."

Levison feels very privileged to be in a position where he can inspire other people to follow their ambitions and dreams.

“I get a lot of really lovely messages from young people, from kids who say that they want to be explorers too and I think that is a great position to be in."

The former airborne soldier now explorer was part of one of the British Army’s toughest regiments, P Company The Parachute Regiment.

“I loved being in the Parachute Regiment, I had a fantastic time

“For me, it was childhood dream and obviously to be in the elite regiment of the British Army I felt very proud.”

Levison also has fond memories of his time spent working in Catterick.

“I spent a couple of years in Catterick training recruits. I was very lucky. I had a great time in the Army.”

Since then Levison has continued his service in the Reserves and credits the British Army for equipping him with the essential skills needed to explore the world like he does now.

“There’s absolutely no way I’d probably be doing what I’m doing now without the Army.

“It’s given me the skills, the confidence but also the contacts. Working around the world has meant that for me to do these expeditions actually is simply a case of a few phone calls… to mates from the Army.

“I think that’s a very important thing to remember, the Army does provide a great network of people.”


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