Double amputee Royal Marine challenged for parking in disabled bay

Watch: Former Royal Marine who lost two limbs in Afghanistan challenged for using disabled bay.

A former Royal Marine commando who lost two limbs fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan says he was threatened with being fined for using a disabled bay – even after showing the traffic warden his blue badge.

Ben McBean, who was injured in Helmand Province in 2008, says that a traffic warden confronted him after insisting that his blue badge was a 'fake'.

The 36-year-old veteran and father-of-two says the incident happened while he was out shopping in his hometown of Plymouth earlier this week.

Speaking to Forces News, Mr McBean said: "It is not my job to explain to these muppets that I was injured in Afghanistan."

"The whole point is I've got a badge which covers me and that's because I am disabled, I then don't have to wear shorts and a t-shirt so you can see the physical side of it," he added.

Ben says this is not the first time he's experienced issues with his blue badge after a woman began "effing and blinding" at the former commando when he used a designated disabled car parking space before his hospital appointment.

In 2009, a year after sustaining his injuries, Ben managed to run the London Marathon, after which his original badge was taken away, as he was deemed not disabled enough.

Thirteen years later he had his badge reinstated after a successful campaign by his local MP Johnny Mercer, now Minister for Veterans' Affairs.

According to the Government's website, the Blue Badge scheme helps people park closer to their destination if they're disabled.

A spokesperson for Plymouth City Council spokesperson has told Forces News: "We were deeply concerned to hear about this incident and a senior director has contacted Mr McBean so that we can investigate the matter further." The spokesperson went on to say that Mr McBean's blue badge is "not at risk".

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