Brian Wood - Pic Julian Perreira

Brian Wood MC - Author Of Double Crossed - Announces Movie To Be Made

"Watch this space" - Brian Wood MC

Brian Wood - Pic Julian Perreira

Brian Wood MC announced he has been given the green-light for a new movie to be made based on his story following the success of his book Double Crossed.

The famous Battle of Danny Boy took place during the summer of 2003 - during the invasion into Iraq - where Brian Wood lead a ferocious bayonet charge onto a dug in and determined enemy position.

For his bravery during this particular battle, Brian received one of Britain's highest awards - the Military Cross - from HM The Queen at Buckingham Palace.

After settling back into family life, this is when Brian received the news he would be investigated for murder, mutilation and mistreatment - all said to have taken place during the Battle Of Danny Boy. 

He then spent the following years trying to clear his name.  Now that he has been completely exonerated, Brian published a book Double Crossed: A Code of Honour, A Complete Betrayal and is now pleased that his story is to be told in film. 

Watch below: Brian Wood announcement