Transition To Civvy Street - Myth Busting Personal Resilience

Advice from the Officers' Association about coping with your career transition beyond the forces.

If you are a service leaver, the military charity the Officers' Association (OA), is busting some myths about personal resilience and dealing with the stress of transitioning out of the forces.

The OA works with both serving and former officers and reservists from across the three Services. Their purpose is to support any officer who has held a commission in the Armed Forces to achieve a fulfilling and sustainable career.

Use these tips to manage your move into the civilian workplace.


  • You are not born with personal resilience. But it can be cultivated.
  • Do not think of mental resilience as living in a constant problem-free state. It is more about having the ability to cope when things go wrong.
  • It does not mean being Super Man or Super Girl. You are human, so you may well feel stressed by the change.
  • It is not about bouncing back. That implies returning to your previous state. The truly resilient can overcome a challenge and be more capable as a result.

Career Consultant, Keith Spencer, stresses the key to remaining positive during your job search is being able to re-frame a negative experience.

"Accept what you can't change... move on and then focus on what you can change."

Rejection is part of the process. Therefore, it is essential to take a step back, accept what you cannot change and focus on what you can - for example widening your network, improving your interview skills or producing a better CV.

"Chances are it's not about you. It's about them. Where they were in the employment cycle. It's not a personal thing against you."

Tune into the Forces Breakfast with Chris Kaye in Catterick Garrison every Monday morning at 8am for more employment advice from the Officers' Association. Future topics include networking and preparing for interviews. Listen to 106.9 FM.


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