From Forces To Filming - How You Can Start Your Career In TV

The Forces Media Academy is offering fantastic new training in Film and Television.

Who doesn’t love a good bit of telly?

From the dark intrigue of Black Mirror to the grit of Peaky Blinders and the gore ofGame of Thrones – there’s nothing like the hollow gnawing in the pit of your stomach, as you wonder how you’re going to pass seven whole bleak days before the next episode.

But this isn’t about watching the box. It’s about making what goes on the box.

So that’s where YOU, and your military training, come in.

You might be a veteran. Maybe you’ve signed off, and resettlement is looming. You’re possibly a Reservist?

Either way, you’re already deeply motivated. You can get on with people, even after spending long and tiring days in their company. You especially know how to adapt when it all goes Pete Tong.

The Forces Media Academy wants to train you to be a competent Location Manager.

And you’re invited to find out more at an information evening on March 26, at the world-famous Pinewood Studios.

Five years ago, British Army veteran Ollie Bradbury made the transition into Film and TV.

The former Yorkshire Regiment soldier has worked on Mission Impossible, Bond, Bohemian Rhapsody and Dunkirk, among many others. He said:

“There is such a strong correlation between location managing and serving.

“I’m surprised there aren’t more service personnel finding their way into it – and I highly encourage it.

“I’ve brought all my skills in planning, keeping a level head, being good in a crisis.

“When things do go slightly pear-shaped and other people are wobbling, you’re able to bring the whole piece together.”

Ollie Bradbury chats to Forces Radio BFBS' Amy Casey and Kristen Platt
Ollie Bradbury chats to Forces Radio BFBS presenter Amy Casey and Kristen Platt

Location managers are the keen-nosed scouts who find the exact right places to set up camp.

A street in London that looks like America. Cold, white wasteland that depicts Game of Thrones’ North. Somewhere to double for Ancient Rome.

Ollie continued: “We’re the ones who create the bubble that everyone else can film and act in.

“Then you go into the more practical side – getting permissions from councils and police, talking to communities and businesses, figuring out where you’re going to park 20 trucks.

“It’s such a wonderful feeling as you step away. It beats any desk job.”

“If, like me, you loved being out and about in the Forces – this is as close a job as you’ll find in civilian life.”

Sound good? You know it does.

Find out more here.

And, for those burning questions, contact Kristen Platt on 020 3750 4672, or email [email protected]