Partially Sighted Veterans Experience Barracks Life Again

Scottish veterans have been given the chance to experience life in barracks once again.

Partially sighted veterans have taken part in a weekend of activities at Redford Barracks in Edinburgh organised by the charity Scottish War Blinded. 

Participants took part in activities such as cone throwing, badminton and archery, all in a military environment.

Partially Sighted Veterans Bullseye 191118 CREDIT BFBS
Some veterans even managed to hit a bulls eye in archery.

“Things come back that you forgot about years ago,” said ex-soldier Tam McDowell.

“When you stepped over the line and back into civvy street you wanted to forget some things."

"You remember the good times and you forget the bad times. And all the good times have come back to me this weekend.”

David Martin Partially Sighted Veteran 191118 CREDIT BFBS
David Martin aims a ball at a tyre.

“I love doing things that get me out of the house,” veteran David Martin told Forces News.

“It’s really, really good that I’ve got this help and support.”

The weekend was organised by the army training unit in Scotland, all in the hope that they can give partially sighted veterans a weekend to remember.

“Good memories, good fun and also a bit of camaraderie,” said Staff Sergeant Davy Thomson when asked about his hopes for the weekend.

“It’s getting back to the military ethos about comradeship and helping each other.”