'It's A Knockout Competition' Brings Christmas Cheer To Faslane

The competition has become an annual tradition at the base.

Serving personnel, staff and civilians have all taken part in Faslane Naval Base’s Christmas 'It’s A Knockout' competition.

It is the fourth year the competition has taken place at the Naval Base, allowing people to have some fun with colleagues before their Christmas leave.

Teams from across the base are represented and compete in a variety of festive events.

“Over a hundred people turn up every year and they get in the festive spirit and we all go on Christmas leave, welcoming Christmas in if you like,” explained Martin Potter, a Physical Training Instructor at the base, dressed as Father Christmas.

“So it’s good, it’s really good. And we enjoy it, everyone enjoys it.

"Both civilian and service personnel all jump in like you’ve seen today anyway. And it gets a bit rowdy at times!"

It's A Knockout Competition Women At Faslane 121218 CREDIT BFBS
Personnel and staff from across the base took part in the festivities.

Included among the events were various races, obstacle courses, a bucking bronco and a rock climbing competition - set against a wall festooned with tinsel and other Christmas decorations. 

“What makes it for me is that I think we had virtually every organisation in the Naval Base represented here,” said Captain Craig Mearns, Commanding Officer of HMS Neptune.

“Everyone having a good time but doing what they do day in day out, which is working hard for a common purpose.

"Just today we had an opportunity to do it with a bit of fun, a bit of a laugh and a good work out.”

It's a Knockout competition in Faslane 121218 CREDIT BFBS
Faslane is going through a period of huge expansion at the moment and days like these are important for the staff to get together.

“It’s nice to come together and know that we may all be working for different parts of an organisation but at the same time we’re all here for the same goal,” said Rebekah Hill of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Welfare Service.

But the day was all about having fun and getting into the festive spirit.

“It’s a bit more relaxed than everything else you got going on when you’re working all year round,” said Marine William Noble of 43 Commando.

“You’re busy, you’re worrying about other things, it’s nice to just take a load off and just go and enjoy yourself.”

“It’s good, just feeling normal for once,” his colleague Marine Steven Gregson agreed.

The event marks the end of another busy year for the Royal Navy’s home in Scotland - a chance for everyone to let their hair down and enjoy themselves before some well-earned leave over Christmas and New Year.