'Interactive' Trench That Brought WWI To Life Closes For Final Time

The replica trenches aimed to allow the public to better experience the lives of Great War soldiers.

A full scale replica of Great War trenches in Glasgow has closed its gates for the final time.

The trenches in Pollock Park were built by the group 'Digging In' to help bring to life the experiences of soldiers who lived and died on the Western Front.

The replica was built with funding from the Armed Forces Covenant and volunteers helped bring the scene to life by re-enacting First World War battles.

"It’s been the only interactive trench in Britain that the public can actually get in and ask questions and get a sense of the idea of a front line trench," explained Ian Shields from Scots Living History.

A young soldier peers across the trenches through a periscope.

Visitors young and old were allowed to wander around the trenches, inspect artefacts from the period and treated to some role play demonstrations.

The hope was not just to give an insight into how soldiers fought, but also how they lived day-to-day and coped with life in the trenches.

“I think that we will have ingrained a memory and enthusiasm and I hope that lives on," Professor Tony Pollard of Glasgow University told Forces News.

"I hope in general there is a continued interest and it’s not just written off because we’ve passed the 100-year mark.

"That would be very tragic indeed."

Professor Pollard tells visitors to Pollock Park about life in the trenches.

The trenches have also made an impression on some of their younger visitors.

"It's a really spectacular project and it lets kids see into the history of the World Wars," said one boy after completing an inspection. 

"I like no man’s land, I like watching the battle and I like the guns and the trenches," said another, dressed in a First World War uniform.