Hundreds From 2 SCOTS Mark Freedom Of Glasgow

It was 2 SCOTS' final homecoming parade after six months in South Sudan, Cyprus and Iraq.

Hundreds of troops from the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS) have taken part in their final homecoming parade in Glasgow.

2 SCOTS spent six months in South Sudan, Cyprus and in Iraq as part of Operation Shadar, – training local security forces in how best to combat Daesh.

On Thursday, the regiment paraded through Penicuik as part of their homecoming celebrations.

"I’ve deployed two or three times on previous exercises in Oman and Kenya," Fusilier Stefan Brady told Forces News.

"In Iraq, seeing the different cultures, seeing the way the Peshmerga operate, it’s been a totally different experience.

"And working with other nations - America, the Swedes, the Germans, it’s just a totally different experience operating with them."

2 Scots Parade Glasgow
The Regiment had previously held homecoming parades in Ayr and Penicuik.

Amid the sound of bagpipes and the boom of drums, soldiers and the regimental pony exercised their freedom of the city – watched and applauded by hundreds of Glaswegians under the warm September sun.

“It’s hugely humbling,” said Lieutenant Campbell Close, Commanding Officer of 2 SCOTS.

“We draw a lot of our soldiers from Glasgow and Ayr where we’ve been parading the last two days.

"So for them to be able to march with pride, down the street, exercising that freedom which was given to us in 1959 is very important."

Troops from 2 SCOTS paraded through Penicuik last week.

“This is important for our soldiers,” his colleague, Warrant Officer 1st Class James Fraser, agreed.

“And the reason it’s important, it’s them getting that feeling of belonging. And that’s what they feel from today.

"They feel a sense of belonging. And not just in the Royal Regiment of Scotland but to get that from the civilian community is what we need."

At the city’s war memorial, heads snapped smartly to the right to acknowledge the Lord Provost of Glasgow, Cllr Eva Bolander, who later hosted the Regiment at City Chambers where she presented medals.

Having previously marched in Penicuik and Ayr, the regiment will now get some time at home to recuperate with family and friends before further deployments in Oman and the Falklands.