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Lockdown TV: Armed Forces On The Small Screen

Military Themed TV Shows Available To Stream Now on BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Sky On-Demand and more

The lockdown is causing many of us to turn to TV to help fill a void and pass the downtime.

Reports have emerged in the national press that Britons are spending more time in front of the television now than they would at traditional peak times like Christmas.

If you're after something with a military flavour, has trawled online streaming services to pick the best of what's on offer, so that you can discover new series or revisit some you might have watched before.

Take a look at these military-themed TV programmes available across different platforms now. 

Our Girl

Our Girl (BBC) has its merits despite some military audiences perhaps picking holes in its plot lines representing the Armed Forces - but still a good watch if you accept that it's fictional drama, not a documentary.

Now into its fourth series, the show is currently airing on BBC 1.

But fear not, thanks to the BBC iPlayer you can catch-up with seasons 1-3 and follow the characters as they deploy to theatres including Afghanistan, Nepal and Kenya. The drama provides a look at the modern army through the eyes of army medic Georgia Lane, played by Michelle Keagan. All episodes on BBC iPlayer

Das Boot (2018)

Das Boot (Sky Deutschland) premiered on Sky Atlantic in 2018 and is set to return later this year for a second series. Like the film of the same name, the TV series is based around the crew of a German U-Boat as they face an endless threat of peril while fighting in the Battle of the Atlantic in 1942. All episodes available on Sky On-Demand.

The World at War

The World at War (Thames Television) was one of the most celebrated documentaries of the 20th Century. The 26-episode series first aired in 1973 and was narrated by the late Sir Laurence Olivier. All episodes available on Sky On-Demand.

Generation Kill

Generation Kill (HBO) was a seven-part TV series following the experiences of an embedded reporter attached to a USMC Recon Battalion as they assaulted Baghdad in 2003. The programme gained applause for its often-dark depiction of combat for service men and women in the US military during the invasion of Iraq. Available to buy on the Sky Store.

Ultimate Force

Ultimate Force (Bentley Productions) starred hard-man Ross Kemp as the SAS Sergeant in charge of a section of elite fighters. Again this is fictional drama, so anyone with insider knowledge of the Armed Forces might take issue with the accuracy of its storylines, but it's in the list for entertainment value.

The programme aired for four seasons from 2002 to 2006. All episodes available on Amazon Prime.

World War II in Colour

World War II in Colour (World Media Rights Productions) was credited with bringing a new perspective to WWII documentary-making by presenting 13 episodes charting the months and years of the Second World War, for the first time in colour. Available on Netflix.


Sharpe (Central) follows the exploits of early 19th Century light-infanteer Richard Sharpe, played by Sean Bean, of the fictional South Essex Regiment. Across 16 episodes, you can follow Sharpe and his men as they fight their way through Spain against Napoleon’s French forces. The programmes are based on the celebrated books by Bernard Cornwell. All episodes available on Sky On-Demand.  

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers (HBO) is incredibly already 19 years old. The programme, a firm-favourite across the forces community, was jointly produced by Hollywood giants Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks who had worked together some years prior on blockbusting Saving Private Ryan.

The ten-part series tells is based on the true story of the men of 101st Airbourne Division as they liberated Europe from the hands of Nazi Germany. All episodes available on Sky On-Demand.