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Home Command People’s Conference Makes Clear That People Are Main Priority

‘A room full of real positivity’

Home Command People’s Conference demonstrated that they are willing to modernise, implement change and embrace the future.

The conference took place at Sandhurst, bringing together ‘the whole force within Home Command.’

This included Regular, Reserve, Civil Servant and Contractor, as well as the strategic partners.

Lieutenant General Tyrone R. Urch CBE said: ‘We all wanted to know how we could do better with youth and particularly with recruiting and identifying a younger generation and learning lessons.’

This turned into an event consisting of a set of diverse speakers, mostly from outside Defence, including senior management at Girlguiding UK and The Royal Mail.

The sessions consisted of panels on the leadership of youth, mental health, and understanding the future.

Having joined the Cadets at the age of twelve, Tyrone R. Urch has 35 years of military experience behind him.

He said: ‘I don’t see anybody’s job getting any easier. I don’t see any less amount of work that needs to be done.’

He stressed the need for ‘techniques for mental resilience and being stronger, having better support and people to talk to in the workforce.

‘Making our organisations more happy.’

He said that Home Command is willing to embrace flexible working hours to help its workforce achieve a healthier work-life balance.

This notion was echoed by Chris Hyland, one of the speakers on the ‘People In the Future’ panel.

The Co-Founder of The Happiness Index, Chris believes that if organisations of today want to thrive in tomorrow’s world, they need to understand how humans feel at any time and put human happiness at the heart of what they do.

Angie Avlianos, who managed the event, said: ‘It was really nice to see how much they care about their people and how much they want to invest in continuing to care for their people in order to keep them happy, keep them healthy and keep them operationally fit … A room full of real positivity’

When asked about what next year’s Home Command People’s Conference might look like, the Lieutenant General said: ‘I don’t want to wait another year to have these good conversations.’