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Ten Weeks To Get British Military Fit: Week 3

Are you thinking of joining the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force and want to get fighting fit?

Are you hoping to join the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force and want to get military fit enough to go on and pass recruit training?

Or are you a former member of the UK Armed Forces and want to know if you’ve still got what it takes to pass the military fitness tests?

Well, look no further and follow us over the next ten weeks to get yourself fighting fit.

Of course, there's no reason why any other civilians out there can't join in too.

BFBS has put together a ten-week fitness training programme to help you smash your fitness goals and get fit enough to join the British military.

Follow the video course below which will guide you through the exercises that will help you on your way to basic fitness.

Don't worry if you have only just joined us, you can find week one here or week two here 

Watch Below: Week 3

All of these exercises, combined with a healthy and nutritious diet, will help you build muscle strength and improve balance and flexibility.

Running will also help boost your cardiovascular fitness, enabling you go on to pass recruit selection and stand you in good stead to pass recruit training.

Ensure you warm up before and cool down after each day's exercises - this is vital to prevent injury.

Hydration is key. Make sure you drink plenty of water before any physical activity and keep on drinking water once you have finished.

It is highly recommended that you ditch the use of energy drinks as a pre-workout or their use as a way to hydrate due to the high levels of sugar content found in them.

Running will feature throughout the next ten weeks, so it is a good idea to invest in a suitable pair of running trainers.

Pull ups and chin ups will also feature, so it is advised you purchase a bar to fit above a door at home.

Each and every week there will be three days of workouts for you to complete.

In all of the videos, you will be shown a demonstration of how to perform each exercise correctly before each day's workout, then an on-screen table will appear.

The idea is for you to either screen grab, or copy and paste each workout to your phone, tablet or laptop. Then go on to complete the exercises during the week at a time which best suits your routine.

It is recommended that you take a rest day between exercises if you’re new to working out. This will give your body time to recover before the next workout.

Week Three, Day One:

Military Fit

Week Three, Day Two:

Military Fit

Week Three, Day Three:

Military Fit

Good luck with week three, keep pushing your mind and body.

Please do let us know how you get on by commenting, and why not challenge a friend or loved one to complete this week with you by tagging them in this post?

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Our on-screen fitness instructor is Craig Hollman who has served in the British Army and Household Cavalry for more than 13 years. In his spare time, he trains civilians in military fitness.

Please do get in touch with Craig via his YouTube Channel - Craig Military Fitness Vlogs if you have any further questions and please comment and share this so that your friends can also #GetBritishMilitaryFit