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The Body Coach: Joe Wicks Debunks Meat For Muscles Myth

"There are some fitness models out there that are vegan who have got incredible physiques so you've just got to be smart about it."

The Body Coach Joe Wicks has admitted he wasn't "looking in the right direction" when it came to a vegetarianism and is encouraging his followers to give going meat-free a go.  

The British fitness coach and social media guru started out making short videos online which offered up helpful recipe ideas for people who didn't know anything about cooking. These were all designed to be quick, easy and healthy.

In an interview with Forces Radio BFBS presenter Hal Stewart, Joe was keen to chat about his new found love of vegetarian food and how you don't have to rely on meat to build muscle.

"There are some fitness models out there that are vegan who have got incredible physiques so you've just got to be smart about it.

"You've got to be combining different sources of foods to get all the amino acids, you can't just rely on tofu and Quorn.

"It's about educating yourself, you really don't need to eat steak every single day to hold your muscle, it's just a myth."

Joe's career launched into a new direction when he started uploading longer videos of workouts complete with step-by-step instructions.

The Body Coach creates bespoke plans for clients, invites his fans to train with him in mass gatherings and has written a series of 'Lean In 15' books.

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After finding success on his own Channel 4 programme, 'The Body Coach' and being a best-selling author, is Joe still as passionate now about helping people as he was when he started?

"I'm more passionate. When you start reaching people and building a community and you realise you have an influence and you're really inspiring people.

"Now I'm thinking how can I reach kids and how can I work with older people and families so it never ends mate.

"The mission I'm on is always going to be can I get people cooking healthy food at home and can I get people exercising?"

Joe is still producing content for YouTube and his own website and regularly appears on primetime UK TV offering up encouragement and sharing success stories of people he has worked with who have transformed their bodies through his guidance.

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Joe, who has started a selection of healthier homemade festive recipes on Twitter, admits that in the build-up to Christmas he doesn't worry about watching his weight or his diet.

"Christmas for me, I absolutely love it, I eat so much food, I end up falling asleep on the sofa. Then I wake up and eat more."

Joe offers a free live YouTube Boxing Day workout for anyone around the world to join in and feel a little less guilty about the indulgences of the day before.

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