World Emoji Day: Can You Crack The Military Code?

World Emoji Day 2019: Can You Crack The Military Code?

To mark the momentous occasion we’ve written some military catchphrases using only emojis… can you crack the code?

World Emoji Day: Can You Crack The Military Code?

Love or loathe them, these colourful characters have become commonplace when it comes to communication.

July the 17th is World Emoji Day because the calendar shown on emojis displays that date.

So include some extras in your messages today… and try and crack our code below.

All of the emojis represent popular military phrases, so have a go and leave your answers in the comments section!

Happy World Emoji Day!!!

World Emoji Day Quiz

Head here for the answers... 

Before these little yellow faces came along many a misunderstanding occurred when it came to text comms with readers sometimes misinterpreting tone and intent.

Not surprising when you think about the fact that us humans use 43 facial muscles to form up to 10,000 different expressions.

Now the emojis can help us recreate a few to go with our texts!

Of the billions of people in the world who have internet access, 92% of them regularly use emojis, seeing them pop up in over 6 billion text messages every single day.