Toilet Roll Challenge - Are You Keeping Up?

Toilet paper might be hard to come by as panic-buying sweeps the nation during the coronavirus pandemic but that hasn't stopped the odd roll from becoming a pivotal part of a new online challenge.

Many people are taking part in the challenge to keep themselves entertained as they cope with the frustrations of isolation, as millions of people across the UK and overseas are told to stay indoors for the sake of public health.

The aim of the game is to video yourself doing 10 keepy-uppies in a row and choose people to challenge next.

BFBS Radio has been challenged by AFC Bournemouth and England Football Player Lewis Cook and the video above shows our radio presenter's attempts.

Here are some more attempts, and, we may not like to admit it, but they might better than ours.

RAF Northolt Air Traffic Control got involved to show their skills ... 

Mr Thorne from Hype Sports Coaching: PE teacher at Lyneham Primary School challenged all of the kids from the school and his clubs to take part.

How many keepy-uppies can you do with a toilet roll?

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