The moment a US Army tank 'blows up' Navy rival's goat mascot

A United States Army American Football team has 'blown up' the US Navy's goat mascot and posted the hilarious video online.

In what has become an annual pre-American Football match tradition, whereby opposing US military teams will try to troll each other on social media, they then share the prank video with their rivals.

This year's tongue-in-cheek video begins with a two-star Major General delivering an inspirational speech to his troops.

"Team, this is the most important mission of your life," says the unnamed senior officer giving the pep talk.

The spoof video then goes on to show a soldier loading the match football into a tank and 'firing' the egg-shaped ball towards the worried looking pet goat.

The video ends with the camo-clad troops screaming: "Go Army, beat Navy!"

For the sake of their navy rivals left wondering, the army team then confirms that, "no actual goats" were harmed in the making of the video.

Last year, the army prank went wrong, when they mistakenly kidnapped the navy's retired goat mascot, instead of the navy's newly appointed mascot Bill the Goat.

This year's game, which is set for 10 December, will see the army go head-to-head with the navy, in a tough match to be crowned the winning side.