RAF Marham's new gate guardian a Tornado GR4 ZA614 being installed DATE UNNOWN CREDIT RA

The military's favourite Gate Guardian: submit your pictures

RAF Marham's new gate guardian a Tornado GR4 ZA614 being installed DATE UNNOWN CREDIT RA

Gate Guardians hold an honoured place in the centre of many Armed Forces communities. To celebrate this, we are asking you to get involved with our search to find the military's favourite.

The static displays at military bases, typically found next to the main gates, are known as Gate Guardians.

They tend to be decommissioned examples of aircraft, tanks or other vehicles or equipment once used at their respective base and are often displayed on plinths from which they 'guard' the entrance to camp. 

Your base or a base you live near might feature an impressive now-retired Harrier, or you might be situated at a garrison with an inspiring armoured vehicle keeping a steady eye on the comings and goings of the main gate.

If you have a Gate Guardian, we want to see it.

Louismouth gate guardian
A Tornado overlooks RAF Lossiemouth.

One of the country’s most famous Gate Guardians was the now-dismantled Handley Page Victor, the Cold War-era bomber overlooking the front gate at RAF Marham.

In 2020, a campaign fronted by comedian Johnny Vegas was launched to find a buyer for the iconic aircraft to save it from scrappage. Sadly, his efforts came to nothing. Later that year, it was dismantled following a short event to mark the occasion paying tribute to the great bomber. Today, RAF Marham is minded by a new monument, a Tornado fighter jet.

But could it be the military's favourite Gate Guardian?

Later this month, BFBS will invite you to vote for your favourite monument in a special poll, publishing the results at Christmas. So, submit your pictures as soon as you can.

To enter your image, just email it to: [email protected].