Chinook No Eyes

Military Chinooks Look Permanently Surprised

Chinook No Eyes

The internet is a weird place. You blissfully go through life, not noticing something. Then you stumble across a meme and it changes your life. You can no longer unsee what you saw, and you will forever look at something differently. Well, you are in luck. Because today is one of those days.

Dear Reader, we bring you the Chinook.

A support helicopter than can be operated from land or sea. Primarily used for trooping, resupply and CASEVACS.

It's just over 30 metres long, with a maximum cruising speed of 296 km/h. Loaded with two 7.62mm M134 miniguns and a 7.62mm machine gun, it is a pretty impressive aircraft.

But why can’t we stop laughing at it? Let’s show you.

Chinook Eyes
"Dammit Dave! What do you mean we took the wrong turn?"

Okay so the eyes were added to show you what we mean. But even without them they still look pretty amazed at whatever's going on. 

Chinook 2
It shouldn't have surprised Charlie that someone was sitting in his mouth, but it did.
Chinook 3
"What do you mean I have to take you all back to Bastion?!"
Chinook 4
"I've got to carry all that?! But I've got a biff chit!"
Chinook 5
"You're going to Colly? Actually that shouldn't surprise me."

Even Defence journalist Henry Jones has noticed the expressions ...