Meet The New Additions To The Royal Artillery Saddle Club

There are some exciting changes at the Royal Artillery Saddle Club

The Royal Artillery Saddle Club, a military welfare facility offering horse riding to serving personnel, their families, veterans and the local public have some new 'horse-some' additions thanks to some local fundraising.

The military, local businesses and musicians managed to raise £2,200 on a long, wet day in Larkhill, Salisbury to get three new ponies for local children to learn to ride on.

To tell us all about it, Forces Radio BFBS Salisbury Plain broadcaster Adam Powney visited Staff Sergeant Pagan-Skelly, who runs the Royal Artillery Saddle Club.

SSgt Pagan-Skelly is originally from the Isle of Wight and grew up with a mother who loved horses. He said:

"I was forced into it, much to my disappointment, but then I decided to make a career of it and join the King's Troop in 2003"

The money raised has bought three new ponies and as much as he doesn't like to admit it, SSgt Pagan-Skelly has grown fond on them already.

"The ponies are very cute and they run up to us in the field."

Lance Bombardier Tourbmann, is from King's Troop and is an instructor at the Saddle Club. She introduced the three ponies to Adam Powney starting with the largest, named Yeti.

"He is very, very hairy at the minute so he needs a bit of TLC and needs a bit of grooming.

"He will be teaching young children from the age of four to ride here at the Saddle Club."

Royal Artillery Saddle Club Get New Ponies

Look at them! 😍 We welcome the latest additions to the Royal Artillery Saddle Club Larkhill 🐴 (Videos by Saddle Club)

Posted by BFBS Salisbury Plain on Monday, 26 November 2018


Secondly, the only new girl at the Saddle Club is the incredibly affectionate and playful Faith.

"She's really really cheeky, she's just constantly looking around and talking to all the other ponies."

Finally, Adam was introduced to Karma. The more down-to-earth of the three.

"He's just really placid and we think he's going to be one of the best ones out of the three".

These ponies will be teaching young children from the age of four.

They will help the children learn skills, such as walking, trotting, the canter, grooming, tacking and they will be used in the hunting on Salisbury Plan, twice a week.

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