Jenni Falconer Takes On One Of The Toughest Military Challenges

Jenni Falconer, Heart FM and TV presenter, is put through her paces as she participates in a series of military vehicle skills tests for new radio programme, ‘On Track with Forces Radio BFBS’.

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Joined by former England football captain Stuart Pearce MBE and Love Island’s ‘loyal’ Georgia Steel, Jenni and her fellow celebrities are put to the test by a certified military vehicle driver, to see who would be the best equipped for a career change.

In her radio show, Jenni discusses her appreciation and respect for the military and how she found driving military vehicles for the day.

Jenni says that she was "a bit hesitant at first because I was getting used to it but wanted to go faster, I was having quite a good time."

"I think I really enjoyed it, maybe too much. I have so much respect for the people that are in charge of these huge beasts on a daily basis.

"What the guys in the Armed Forces do requires a lot more courage and determination, I'm really full of admiration of what they do."

On Track With Jenni Falconer Forces Radio BFBS Special Programme DAB+

We tasked the much-loved Heart FM radio presenter with the mission of manoeuvring the Lance Armoured Vehicle through thick, muddy water, balancing a FV 432 on a knife edge and driving an Abbot Self Propelled Gun round a gruelling course, in an attempt to pass a set of super challenging tank driving skills.

The tasks gave Jenni an exclusive insight into the incredible expertise that the British military demonstrate all over the world.

Jenni Falconer was tasked with three skill tests:

  • The Abbot Course - Jenni went for a rough ride as she jerked around the Abbot Course testing her driving skills whilst navigating sinking mud, submerging puddles and jarring drops; all the while being interviewed by presenters Amy Casey and Jay James for the radio series. The Abbot Course is a track used for teaching people how to drive an Abbot Self Propelled Gun.​​​​​​
  • The Swim - Completely under pressure and in a battle against the clock and deepening water, Jenni used the Lance Armoured Vehicle to 'swim' through deep water testing Jenni’s precision and efficiency at her new-found skills.
  • The Knife Edge Balance - Jenni used extreme concentration to balance the front of a FV 432 off a small ledge, ensuring she had the perfect equilibrium making certain the military vehicle did not drop off the edge.
On Track With Jenni Falconer Forces Radio BFBS Special Programme DAB+

Adding another degree of complexity to the challenge, Jenni Falconer was interviewed by Forces Radio BFBS presenters Amy Casey and Jay James while attempting the Abbot Course section of the military vehicle driving skills test. Jenni Falconer commented:

"The British military is one cog in this huge machine and the way that everyone in the Armed Forces works together is just incredible and the amount of selflessness and the amount of effort that is put in from everyone in their different roles is just really wonderful.

"I don’t know the extent of the work that everyone does in the Armed Forces, you just see a little snapshot of it really, I had a little taster when I went out military vehicle driving, but I only got to experience a small part.

"A huge thank you to the British military. We are thinking of you wherever you are, and if you have been serving previously, thank you so much for everything you have done for us and I hope that you feel appreciated because you absolutely should.’’