Father Christmas Reveals Secret To Getting On The Nice List

Santa took some time out from his busy schedule of making his list and checking it twice to chat to Forces Radio BFBS

While Santa’s elves in the North Pole are keeping themselves busy making toys, there are elves in the UK helping to get letters written by children to the North Pole in time for Christmas.

Father Christmas took some time out from his busy schedule of making his list and checking it twice, to speak to Forces Radio BFBS broadcaster Hal Stewart about how to ensure you're on the nice list and how children can get in contact with him.

"If they make sure they write to me and they post it by the 7th December then it will come to the grotto and I'll be able to answer it."

The address to send Father Christmas a letter is...

Father Christmas

Santa’s Grotto



Father Christmas Santa Claus Merry Christmas Naughty Nice List Credit Pexels 260498

Father Christmas was very keen to make sure children include a full name and address in their letter so he knows where to send his reply. Plus, don’t forget to stick a stamp on your letter or card.

He had something very important to say to military kids around the forces world:

"Don't worry, wherever you are in the world, I will find you and I will come and bring you some lovely presents on Christmas Eve."

Hal made sure to clear up any confusion about getting on the nice list. If a child hasn't been good every day will he or she still get presents?

"I ask a very important question and that is, have you tried to be good this year and if you've tried to be good that's good enough for me and that gets you on the good list."

Father Christmas Santa Mince Pie Carrot Fireplace Credit Pexels 721167

There are several mysteries surrounding Father Christmas like how does he fit himself and presents down chimneys and what happens when there is no chimney?

The main one which remains unanswered is how does he manage to deliver presents to all the children around the world in one night?

"It's all done with magic you see. If I slow down time and turn a minute into a day and a day into a year then I get around a lot easier

"That's why when you wake up on Christmas morning you find you've had a wonderful sleep because you've slept for so long."

Once Christmas is over for another year how does Santa spend his free time?

"I do get a couple of weeks off. I hop over to Australia and I Winter with the Easter Bunny."

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