Ever wondered why it's called an 'Egg Banjo'?

The person who came up with this eggcellent snack should be knighted

An ‘Egg Banjo’ has been a forces' favourite food of choice ever since er, well … sliced bread.

But how many people actually know why it is called an ‘egg banjo?'

The "egg banjo" is a sandwich, a runny fried egg, inserted between two thick slices of bread … a very popular British military snack.

Ingredients are simple - heavily buttered thick sliced bread, and one or more fried eggs.

To many civilians, it is basically a fried egg sandwich.

Within the military, it is widely known as an ‘egg banjo’ because when it is eaten, egg yolk usually squirts onto the eater's shirt/jacket, typically resulting in the person raising their sandwich out of the way, to approximately ear height, while they attempt to ‘strum’ the yolk mess from their shirt with their free hand.

Resulting in the appearance of someone playing an air banjo.