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British Military Slang Or Phrases You Need To Know 2

Hammock, Crown Copyright 2019

Warning: This content contains adult themes and strong language which some might find offensive.

If you are struggling to understand the military language your son, daughter, mother, father or an ex-military colleague is using - here is your go-to guide/dictionary of all the words and phrases that you will ever need to know.

Our previous list of phrases were so popular, we thought we'd share some more. 

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1. 'Bug Out'

Meaning 'move from current location as quickly as possible'. Usually if under attack or impending bad situation.

2. 'Grizz It'

To go without an item of luxury or an expression used to motivate someone to keep going during a tough situation.

3. 'Bean Stealer'

Name given to a married soldier who eats the free meals made for single living in soldiers. 

4. 'Cake & Arse Party' 

Something has gone bad, usually a mission, or being messed around.

5. 'Egyptian PT'

Meaning to go sleep, describes the way in which arms are folded across your chest when you sneak off for a cheeky sports afternoon nap: ‘I’m off back to my room for some Egyptian PT’. To sleep so soundly like an Egyptian pharaoh in a tomb.


Egyptian PT Picture Crown Copyright
"Egyptian PT" Picture Crown Copyright

6. 'Rupert'

Name, often used disparagingly or self-deprecating, associated with a commissioned officer who has attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

7. 'Beer Tokens'

Any remaining salary which has not been spent on bills.

8. 'Range Slop'  

Heated meal from a large Norwegian container fed to troops during ranges or field exercises.

9. 'Gopping'

Something horrible or minging, ‘that range slop was gopping’.

10. 'Brecon Point'

Term describing when a soldier uses the flat palm of their hand in a pointing/chopping motion, commonly used at the Infantry Battle School in Brecon, Wales, during an attack to point out an enemy position or feature on the ground.


"Bug Out" Brecon Point - Picture Anwar Pitters
"Bug Out" Brecon Point - Picture Anwar Pitters

11. 'Military Confetti'


12. 'Barrack Room Lawyer'

A know-it-all who constantly quotes queens regulations.

13. 'Snapped'

When someone who is severely pi***d off.

14. 'Camp Tramp'

Someone who spends the majority of their time in barracks and never goes on leave.

15. 'Slop Jockey'

A military chef.

16. 'Social Hand Grenade'

Someone who is a nightmare after a few beers.

17. Wa**ing Chariot


18. 'BOBFOC'   

Body Off Baywatch Face Off Crimewatch - used to describe an ugly person with a nice body.

19. 'Rag Order'

Item of clothing or equipment that has seen better days.

20. 'Square Bashing' 

Marching or performing drill on a parade ground for long hours. 

"Square Bashing" Picture Crown Copyright
"Square Bashing" Picture Crown Copyright

21. 'Run Ashore' 

Royal Navy and Royal Marine term for leave or permission to leave barracks/ship usually for a 'few' beers.

22. 'Gigs'

Name for military eyewear issued to those who require prescription glasses, sometimes know as ‘birth control’ because of the unstylish appearance.

23. 'Red Ass'

Name for the newest members of the regiment or unit.

24. 'Bang Stick'


25. 'FISH'

Term used to describe conducting urban warfare, Fighting In Someone’s House.


"FISH" Picture Crown Copyright
"FISH" Picture Crown Copyright

26. 'MOD 90' 

Military ID card used to gain entry into barracks - or used by new recruits on a night out to try to impress a potential sexual partner enough to get them into bed.

27. 'War Paint'

Camouflage Cream (makeup). 

28. 'Pop Smoke'

Meaning let’s get out of here quick.

29. 'Wet'  

Is a drink - it can either be a ‘cold wet or hot wet’. Cold wet will usually be an alcoholic beverage and a hot wet is tea or coffee.

30. 'Get all of your s**t in one sock' 

Way to tell someone to get their life in order.


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