The Big BFBS Armed Forces Quiz

Test your military knowledge in our ultimate forces-themed pub quiz ...

Quizzing fans ...

It's time to test yourselves with our ultimate quiz ... the Big BFBS Armed Forces Quiz.

Here are 65 questions designed to test the military factoids among us, with questions divided into three categories – the Royal Navy, British Army and the Royal Air Force.

If you know the differences between boats and ships, guns and rifles, tanks and armoured vehicles, this forces-themed knowledge test will be right up your street.

We have designed the quiz to be fun and challenging for both serving, former serving and non-military audiences. But hey, if you do not know your riffle butt from your cigarette butt, maybe sit this one out ...

OK ... let's do this. Good luck!


British Army knowledge up next. Let's do this.



And finally, the Royal Air Force ...



Did you get 100%? 

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