Pizza Op Rescript Live Events BFBS Capt Toby Bonnell Credit Live Events BFBS

BFBS Partner With UK Brands To Boost Morale For Those On Op Rescript

Pizza Op Rescript Live Events BFBS Capt Toby Bonnell Credit Live Events BFBS

Troops assisting with the UK’s COVID-19 response have enjoyed free pizza and goodies as part of a nationwide initiative led by BFBS to deliver tasty treats to military personnel on Operation RESCRIPT. 

Because we all know that the only thing more satisfying than a slice of fresh hot pizza is a free slice of fresh hot pizza. 

BFBS has joined forces with a national pizza company to deliver free pizzas to troops working hard on the military operation helping to support the COVID effort around the UK, Op RESCRIPT. 

This includes 31 service personnel from 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) who were deployed from their home barracks in Essex to help with the COVID relief projects in Kent. 

Partway through the deployment, they were visited by their Sergeant Major who recognised how hard they had been working and spent his own money on pizza in an effort to boost the morale of the team.

Upon hearing this, Unit Welfare Officer, Mr Matthew Holden contacted BFBS to ask about additional welfare packages, in addition to the subscriptions already provided like Now TV and Press Reader. He said: 

“I wanted to explore how I could support our people deployed on OP RESCRIPT who have been working tirelessly as part of the KRU. 

“I reached out to BFBS as I knew how much they are willing to support Service Personnel and asked if they could ‘inject some morale’ as a way of showing everyone’s appreciation for their work. 

“BFBS rose to the task, the number of pizzas they have provided nationally in conjunction with their partners is magnificent and I am sure it has been very well received on the ground.” 

BFBS thought it was a great idea and now it is not just troops from 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) enjoying pizza, it is serving personnel across Op RESCRIPT.  

Within 24 hours of cascading the possibility of free pizza to the various military regional hubs across the country, BFBS received requests to feed more than 2,000 troops in around 100 different locations where they are all working tirelessly to help combat the Coronavirus pandemic and deliver military aid to the Civil Authorities.

Captain Toby Bonnell is part of a team of 120 service personnel working near Ashford, Kent and was one of the first on the ground to receive delivery of hot pizzas. He said:

“A note of thanks from the troops deployed in SEVINGTON Inland Border Facility conducting COVID testing of cross-channel Hauliers.

"The guys and girls were massively appreciative of all your work in making this happen, thank you.”  

The pizza drop is part of a nationwide initiative by BFBS to deliver welfare provision and raise morale through edible treats and comes hot on the heels of media-related freebies, which continue to be offered. By partnering with UK brands, BFBS is aiming to deliver a range of goodies to raise a smile.  

It was a huge undertaking, with logistics ever-changing but pizza drops started February 5, 2021. Some teams received their drop on ‘National Pizza Day’, and it is hoped as many of the requests as possible are fulfilled.

BFBS has also distributed donations of a traditional local fizzy pop and chocolate wafers to RAF Leuchars where many of the personnel supporting COVID initiatives in Scotland are based, as well as sweets to some of the units unable to receive pizza.

BFBS continue to work on further partnerships to spread morale.