Beans On Weetabix? GCHQ 'Investigates' Twitter Joke


Britain’s intelligence services were quick to join in the larks when one of the country’s best-known breakfast brands posted a controversial food combination on social media.

GCHQ, the nation's intelligence and security organisation, was among a host of household names to respond with witty replies when Weetabix posted a picture on Twitter suggesting Heinz Beans on Weetabix was a tasty food option instead of beans on toast.

Other organisations from the military and defence community also joined in the high jinks including charity Help For Heroes.

Help For Heroes added their funny response: 

Even the RAF Tug of War voiced their opinion of the interesting food combination:

The Royal Military Police made a point that Squaddies (soldiers) will eat most things, but even they might turn their noses up at this... 

Help For Heroes were back again with their witty remarks...

They were not alone in their dislike of the Weetabix and Baked Bean combination, many well known brands got involved. Including the following:

Specsavers even took it one step further to add their own take, by putting baked beans on top of two pairs of glasses... this one might be a little crunchy to eat!

Sainsburys, however, made a reference to last week's viral video from a parish council committee meeting that was full of drama.

The video of Handforth parish council’s planning and environment committee meeting reached thousands, after Jackie Weaver remained calm while members of the parish council became more irate.

It lead to memes and quotes, that have since been made into mugs, being ingrained in British social media. 

KFC got involved by asking the Amazon 'Alexa' to help delete the tweet, just like households asking Alexa for answers to questions... 

Even popular smoothie drink company, Innocent, had to get involved:

The RNLI definitely found the humour in their reaction... 

Sky TV offered to help everyone out by unplugging their broadband so people wouldn't have to see the controversial food pairing:

Weetabix might just have a new Guinness World Record on their hands...

And lastly, there is no need to worry about this becoming a food delivery option. Just Eat confirmed it is not something they feature on their app... 

What do you think? Should baked beans be eaten on Weetabix?

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