7 Brilliant Military Icons To Celebrate World Emoji Day

It's World Emoji Day. Can you make sense of these? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Can you tell your eggplant from your dancing girl? When you see emoji out in the wild do you sad react or laugh react? 

To celebrate World Emoji Day here at Forces Network we've decided to find the very best of the British Armed Forces and translate it into the worlds fastest growing communication.

Here's seven of the best military emoji we could come up with. See if you can guess what the emoji mean (answers at the bottom).

If you have any fistbump worthy ideas share them with the world in the comments below.

1. Royal Air Force

2. Welsh Guards

3. 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards

4. Royal Engineers

5. Grenadier Guards

6. (Military) Working Dogs

7. Forces Radio BFBS