Gibraltar Top of the Rock

25 Things You’ll Know If You’ve Been Drafted to Gibraltar

If you're on, or have ever done, a stint on the Rock these will sound familiar...

Gibraltar Top of the Rock

1. The weather is wonderful for most of the year but when it's not, the storms are EPIC

You laughed when people told you to pack your wellies, but they were so right!  With the torrential rain and strong winds you struggle to make it over the runway. 

2. You mark planes landing on the runway out of 10

Gib is a plane spotter’s dream with the ability to get up close and personal like nowhere else in the world.

However, circling the Rock three times attempting to land is a test for even the most confident fliers and you know you’re going to end up with a diversion to Malaga.

3. Tapas becomes one of the most important food groups in your life

4. You get used to monkeys being as common as pigeons

You look in horror when you see tourists buying ice creams up at St Michael’s Cave.  Let’s just say, they’re not going to be the ones who end up eating it…

Legend has it that if the monkeys disappear from Gibraltar so will the British, which is why during the Second World War when numbers were dwindling, Winston Churchill had more sent over from North Africa.

Churchill’s plan worked, and today there are almost 300 monkeys around the Upper Rock.

5. You join everyone else in getting photos of the view from the top of the Rock and have become an expert in Gibraltar’s military history

Tunnel tour anyone?

But nothing beats the view of the Rock from sea…

6. You have so many visitors now 

When you were in Faslane no one came to stay, but now everyone says "I MUST come to see you" and then when they do visit, they expect you to be free all of the time to be their tour guide 24/7. 

7. The fuel prices are great

8. The mosquitoes. All the mosquitoes

Good luck sleeping. 

9. The T-Shirt tan gets real

You better get the aftersun out.

10. Driving in Gib makes the dodgems look safe

Indicators? Never heard of them.  Near misses with mopeds are a daily occurrence and let's not even get started about the roundabouts.

11. ‘Parked’ cars tend to look like they’ve been abandoned

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12. When you tell your friends back home that you’ve gone into Spain, they assume you’re on holiday, but actually it’s a five minute walk from your front door

13. You love it when the ‘voice of God’ tells people to return to the walkway and keep moving instead of stopping on the runway to take photos of the Rock

14. The traffic. Oh the traffic.  Having an international border and a live runway so close to each other does tend to clog things up a bit

15. Gibraltar has a unique fragrance

There’s no getting around it, Gib does get a bit wiffy at times.  You know you’re nearly home when you get a face full of aviation fuel mixed with seaweed and ahem, other stuff. 

16. Health & Safety? Never heard of it

17. Any life admin takes longer than it should, and has to be done in person, with a pen & paper, rather than online, between the hours of 0930 and 0945 on the second Tuesday of the month

You get there at the stated time and then realise it's one of Gibraltar's extra bank holidays.

18. BBQs are the new Sunday roast

19. You can ski in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the morning and spend the afternoon on the beach in Malaga

20. You start to take for granted the beautiful beaches that are on your doorstep

21. You can’t go down Main Street without bumping into someone you know – in fact you can’t go anywhere! 

Seeing the Chief Minister doing his shopping in Morrisons is perfectly normal and you'll see trolleys in the most unusual places.

22. When you moved to Gib you set yourself a target of doing the Rock Run or Med Steps at least once a week

You’ve done them precisely 3 times in 2 years…

23. When there's a Royal Navy warship alongside, you know there's going to be long queues for JCs at the 'Flip Flop'

Likewise, when you see two large cruise ships approaching on the horizon it’s better to leave whatever you had planned in town until tomorrow. 

24. Watching the sea of people dressed in red and white on National Day in Casemates Square makes you proud to be British

25. Your friends at home think you're on one long holiday, but you do have to actually go to work

It's not a bad place to work though, is it? 

“You'll explain all these things to people who don’t know the Rock with a shrug of the shoulders & a "It’s Gib, no?!"

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