10 Signs You Served In The Military

Still making your bed like you've got a room inspection? You're not alone

You may have left the military but here are some signs that you might still think military ...

1. Your ability to drink tea even if there are bits of leaves and sticks in it is a special skill that most don't have. 

2. Another great skill, you can sleep anywhere. 

3. You don't just walk alongside your friends, you walk instep with each other. 

4. You know the best pubs around every Garrison Town and Training Camp in the UK. 

Soldier Rests Between Operations in Afghanistan. Crown copyright. photographer Cpl Dan Bardsley RLC

5. 'Gather in', 'squared away' and 'Buckshees' are words in your vocabulary. 

6. Pointing with a one finger isn't always done, instead the 'Breacon Hand' is used (pointing with a flat hand). 

7. You own items of clothing from either Rab or North Face. Probably both.

8. Making your bed ready for an inspection is second nature. 

9. Your clothes ironing is on point. 

10. And finally you know what it is to survive a portaloo challenge.