Forces Wives Challenge at the South Pole. Credit FWC

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Military Families Raising Money To Save Trees

#10ForTrees is hoping to raise £10,000 for The Woodland Trust

Forces Wives Challenge at the South Pole. Credit FWC

A network of military families who call themselves the Forces Wives Challenge (FWC) is hoping to raise money for the conservation charity, The Woodland Trust by asking people to take on #10ForTrees.

FWC is asking people on July 11 to cover a distance of 10 miles anyway they like as long as they do it in an environmentally friendly way - for example, walking or running. They are also asking for a donation of £10 to help raise £10,000 for the Woodland Trust to help plant, protect and restore "our beautiful woodland".

Talking about why she set up this challenge, the group's founder Heather Sharp said:

"This challenge is really to say thank you to nature for getting us through lockdown."

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the challenges regularly taken on by the network of military partners and families, have happened a lot closer to home in local outdoor spaces.

The challenges have given the group the chance to see the natural beauty of the planet, which they passionately believe needs to be protected, and so with #10ForTrees have chosen to raise money for The Woodland Trust.

The group, which officially became a social enterprise in 2019, was set up after Sharp left her career in the British Army. She said:

"I wanted to do something that gave the opportunities I’d had in the military to the community that’s normally the ones holding the fort at home."

Having already taken multiple groups on adventures around the world, including climbing Kilimanjaro and the highest volcano in the world in Chile, they were not going to let the COVID-19 lockdown stop them from taking on challenges.

The virtual challenges have been a huge success with people taking part from all over the world, and they hope that the #10ForTrees challenge will be just as successful.

To find out more about the challenge and take part visit